Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Email with Spam and Virus Protection

Professional email that fits your needs

 Personalized Email
  • 50 GB storage
  • iOS & Android
  • MS Outlook Compatible
  • Push Notifications
  • Use Your Domain Name (
 Starting at $6.00 per month

All email packages include:

  • Safe & Reliable Email
    - Spam filtering
    - Virus scanning
  • Use your custom domain (*
  • Unlimited aliases
  • Free email forwarding
  • Free autoresponders
  • Microsoft Outlook, Apple iPhone (iOS) & Android Compatible
  • No banner, pop-up or email footer ads
 How will Personalized Email from Aikorn make a difference to my business?

Spam & virus protection comes standard

Wasting time sifting through junk just to get to the email you really want to read? Worried about catching a computer virus from your email? Aikorn has the solution. Aikorn email comes standard with aggressive spam and virus filtering technology that is 99.9% effective. Eliminating spam & viruses saves your business time and money.


Send and receive email from your iPhone, iOS or Android mobile device or your desktop email client (Microsoft Outlook, Mail, etc.)

A Professional image

Nothing looks less professional than using a gmail address for your business email. Create a more professional image by using email addresses under your own domain for your business communications. With our Personalized Email package, you can create and manage your own email addresses for your entire organization with addresses like and, and because it's your domain, you never have to worry about the email address you really want being taken by someone else. Tired of using addresses like or Bring your registered domain name to Aikorn and create all the email addresses you want, they're always available.


We accept PayPal

*Domain registration fee not included. All email packages billed annually.

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